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Bennekom, Harsloweg 4.
WBN, Panther-Stellung, Bennekom - Harsloweg.

The bunker stands in a meadow at the Harsloweg west of the village of Bennekom and north of Wageningen.

Over the line Nijkerk - Arnhem the Germans built the 4th stoppingline in the Netherlands, in case there was a invasion on the Dutch coast. The line was facing the west and was mostly built over the same line as the Dutch had built their Grebbelinie in 1939-1940 facing eastward. So when you are visiting this defensive line you will see bunkers looking into several directions.

1x 703 Casemate for 8.8cm PAK 43 on SL IIa.
Holland, Bennekom, Gelderland.
© bunkerpictures - Type 703
© bunkerpictures - Type 703