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Apeldoorn, Loolaan.
WBN, Inland, Alternative HQ location for Seyss-inquart "Rijkscommissaris der Nederlanden".

In 1940 the Germans installed Seyss-Inquart as the "Rijkscommissaris der Nederlanden" as the highest non-military official of the Nazi's in Holland. His official office was in Den Haag, close to the coast of Scheveningen. He stayed in a big mansion in the Park Clingendae,l but next to this beautiful house the Germans built a big military baracks and a special air raid/Luftschutz bunker for Seyss-Inquart, see also this link for inside pictures.

Because of the threath of an invasion or possibly some commando actions, the location in Den Haag was reviewed as not safe enough. So they decided to build a new alternate location for the "Rijkscommissaris der Nederlanden" in Apeldoorn at the Loolaan, close to one of the palaces of the Dutch Royal family.

The special building department of the Germans, Abteilung Siedlungen und Bauten, started the building of some bunkers in Apeldoorn in 1943. During normal working situations Seys-Inquart and his staff where in the white house behind the bunker, but in case of an alarm they could take place in the special bunker in front of it.
Two other bunkers where built behind some other house nearby.
The size of the bunker is 13 x34 meter and was called "Splitterschutzgraben Z1.

After the war the bunker was used as a museum for some time and the "wall paintings" inside have been made during that period to "tell the story and defeat of Seys-Inquart".
The bunker is closed for public, but there is a video available on YouTube with the inside and the paintings on the walls, see video click here.

1x Air raid shelter / Splitterschutzgraben.
Holland, Gelderland, Apeldoorn.
© bunkerpictures - Seys-Inquart bunker Apeldoorn
© bunkerpictures - Seys-Inquart bunker Apeldoorn