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Office of the "Bevollmächtigte für die Bauwirtschaft in die Niederlanden".

In the city of Amersfoort, nearby the local Zoo, at the corner of the Birkstraat and the Barchman Wuytierslaan, one bunker is left of the Office of the "Bevollmächtigte für die Bauwirtschaft in den Niederlanden".

This is a very special bunker because, as far as known, it is the only military bunker built for use by a German "civil authority" office. This type of bunker is normally used as a Regiment or Battalion HQ and probably therefore also good as an office for this service. It is a so called SK (Sonderkonstruktion) version because the bunker is a "oversized" type of a R608. The bunker is mostly covered with earth.
The bunker has been used after the war, during the Cold War era, by the BB (Bescherming Bevolking / Civil Protection).

Sources: Duitse bunkerbouw vanuit het Rijkscommissariaat, Abteilung Siedlung und Bauten.

1x SK 608 Battalion & Regimental battle headquarters on one floor.
Holland, Utrecht, Amersfoort.
© bunkerpictures - Type SK 608
© bunkerpictures - TypeSK 608