France, Pas de Calais, Eperlecques.
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2 hours
V-weapons, V2, Kraftwerk Nordwest (KNW), Le Blockhaus.

This location can be found in the foret d'Eperlecques. When you drive from Calais in the direction of Saint-Omer, take the N43, in the direction of Eperlecques, near the town Watten. In the village itself follow the signs that lead you to the bunker, otherwise, just drive into the forest and you will find it.

This huge bunker is built in 1943. It was part of a larger plan of building sites to launch V rockets against Great Brittan. This bunker was used to launch V2 rockets and it had a launch control with two firing pads. They produced their own liquid oxygen, but after a while they didn't produce enough oxygen for the rockets, so they transported it in by rail.
The Allied air forces attacked the bunker several times, they also used Tallboys (6 ton). But all the attacks didn't worked. Only one Tallboy hit the bunker and caused little damage. All the other bombs only caused damage at the secondary parts of the complex (the railroad). The bunker is a museum now a days, you can find their website at our Links pages.
© bunkerpictures - Type V2-rocket bunker
© bunkerpictures - Type V2 rocket bunker