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Prague, Parukarka.
Cold War, Prague, Nuclear bunker Parukarka.

In the east part of the city of Prague, in the area called Parukarka at the corner of the roads called Prokopova / Taboritska, lies in a hill a huge nuclear bunker.
The bunker was intended to shelter about 5.000 civilians and a separated part was assigned as shelter for the nearby offices of the national television broadcasting network.
The bunker was build during the Cold War time when the East of Europe was still under heavy Soviet influences and the tension with the West was growing.
The bunker is situated about 16 meters underground and via the main entrance you can enter the structure by two circular stairs down and up the bunker.

Down into the bunker you will first walk trough a "Club bar" before you enter the Nuclear Bunker Museum. From here you see some exhibitions of typical Czech, Soviet Cold War attributes, books, leaflets and all kinds of protection material. They have a nice "wall of gasmask" and a collection of gas/chemical protections suits displayed. It's a bit pity that you see only a part of the huge bunker and hardly any "technical facilities" of the bunker as power, air and water supply systems.

The bunker is only to visit by booking a Bunker Tour at Prague-Special-Tours.com and at there Office in the old city. It will take half a day because you first get a walk trough the city and some Cold War and Czech history to hear and see. They the group will step onto a "tram" and will make a 10 min drive towards the location of the bunker. After the bunker visit you go back by "tram" to the old city and you follow your own way.

See also www.prague-special-tours.com

1x Nuclear bunker 5000 persons.
Czech Republic, Prague, Prague.
© bunkerpictures - Nuclear Bunker Prague
© bunkerpictures - Nuclear Bunker Prague